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Here is a super-quick tip on something that we keep talking about over and over again.

Brand Marketing Versus Direct Response Marketing.

Everyone has their own definition of the difference between brand vs direct. However we keep finding brands are coming to us, they’re asking us to look at their marketing, and they’re wondering why they’re not getting many sales.

The predicament we often find is their marketing is what we would typically call “brand marketing”. The main difference between the two is brand marketing is the type of marketing that’s often about the big picture. Using buzz words and slick imagery. Making something that looks more like a brochure, something that looks super clean. Think of brands like Mercedes and Coca-cola.

Direct response marketing is the opposite. It’s often looked at as a down and dirty style of marketing favored by the internet marketing world. A lot of people judge it label it as too aggressive. Marketing that really pushed people down funnels with no way out. Limited images and distractions with a very clear call to actions and next steps.

At SV we believe that you need to have a hybrid between the two. We’re not in favour of just direct response, and we’re also not in favour of just brand marketing. If you’re trying to sell a product such as high-end supplements. You have to have a little bit of both in order to ake the biggest percentage of the audience to sale. You want to make sure that you’re doing both long-tail marketing/brand marketing, giving that look and feel of Mercedes or the Rolls-Royce of the world. However, we also want that direct response style where we’re pushing them and nurturing them down the path that we want them to go.

The perfect hybrid is getting their attention with brand marketing but once they show interest in the product moving prospects more into a direct response style of marketing, nurturing them down a “funnel” with a specific outcome. Showing them where you want them to go, and giving them a little option to click out of there. Not allowing them to be distracted and using strong wording that’s compassionate, firm, much like how you would treat a toddler in order to get them to the end of the target which is making that sale, adding to cart and then moving forwards.

Of course, there are always anomalies within this and there are arguments for certain brands to stick to one style of marketing but for 90% of the time, we see the opposite. In fact, brands that are sticking to just “brand marketing” who come to us and infuse some direct response marketing tend to see huge growth with conversion and return on ad spend.

A lot of the time you have to remember the saying “don’t ask don’t get” – the same be applied to your marketing.