A whirlwind of a few weeks at SV-Marketing, as our founders Neil and Joe participated at a business conference like no other.

The purpose of their attendance was to speak about the future of digital marketing and why traditional marketing funnels are simply wasting businesses money.

This led to a talk about our “Ecosystem Method” in which you can gain a much deeper insight into by clicking here.

As you can see from these beautiful images on this post, it wasn’t just an ordinary “conference” but much the opposite.

2-min Our Biggest Takeaways From Baby Bathwater 2019

As part of our business’s development, we attend a “conference” twice a year.

As part of that, we belong to an amazing institute called “Baby Bathwater” which brings new perspectives and friendships between entrepreneurs and business owners.

7-min Our Biggest Takeaways From Baby Bathwater 2019

With a normal “conference” you’re thrown into a stuffy hotel sitting in dark rooms and falling asleep…

But they do things differently here!

67373945_2392693477685310_7675373185226768384_n-min Our Biggest Takeaways From Baby Bathwater 2019

They hire a whole private island not far from Split in Croatia.

We had our own private yurts as our rooms, the event was filled with amazing activities, amazing meals and even had a band that play at the beach bar every single night till 6 am. ( where there ‘might’ have been a few drinks shared with fellow members! )

“It was truly an amazing and unbeatable moment when conversation flows due to relaxation. Creating a relaxed environment with leading brands, service businesses and founders alike.”

Joe Kensett – SV-Marketing Director
67763096_2392693724351952_3030669803279876096_n-min Our Biggest Takeaways From Baby Bathwater 2019

Here’s some of our main takeaways and highlights from the event;

  • Hanging around with likeminded people is essential. Especially in the world of fast paced business. It keeps you sane.
  • The best product / service will always beat the best marketing, word of mouth is everything.
  • Brand messaging is everything in order to connect with prospects. No depth and meaning to the brand means no sales.
  • Life is hard and its ok to struggle at times.
  • 90% of brands have been screwed over by awful “marketing agencies” – it’s time for change and some sort of industry standards.
  • Changing your environment opens up a whole new part of your brain allowing you to see your business completely differently.
  • Find people who have done what you’re trying to and learn from their mistakes.
4-min Our Biggest Takeaways From Baby Bathwater 2019

Now it’s time to be back at HQ and get our heads down, and back to our office pool championship and see how many feathers we can ruffle in the next few months!